You’re here for a reason and

our world needs you

– your voice, your ideas, your work –

right now.

Welcome, Kindred Spirit, I’m so grateful that you’re here!

You’re a dreamer and a doer…

An inspired woman on a mission…

Committed to thriving as all of who you are and living a life that truly lights you up…


Deep down, you know you’re here to make a difference.

You know what matters most to you and you can’t stop thinking about these beautiful dreams you’re longing to bring to life.

The challenge is that you have more ideas than time to actually implement them, and you wish there was a way to bring your vision to life with ease, so that you can focus on doing the work you love most.

Whether you’re just starting out and are overwhelmed with ideas, or your business is thriving but you know something needs to shift so that you can continue to grow without burning out, you’re in the right place.

Hi, I’m Becky Lyter McCleery, and I’m an Online Business Manager and Business Growth Strategist who helps heart-centered women clarify and claim the business dreams that make them come alive. Through our work together, we map out your aligned next steps and create a sustainable action plan, so that you can scale with ease and make a bigger impact.

I love the details.  I love taking a big idea and breaking it down into actionable steps.  I love planning and figuring out the best way we can bring your brilliant vision to life.

At heart, I’m a nurturer. I love listening to your inspiring ideas, your worries and frustrations, and even more, I love cheering you on. I love helping women make their dreams a reality, and celebrating each step of the journey alongside you.

When we work together, you bring the dream, I help you figure out the details, and together we co-create your most inspired vision for your business.  Our work together allows you to have greater clarity and confidence, creating space for you to enjoy more time with your loved ones, while making the difference you’re here to make and doing the work that lights you up.

Yes, this is your journey, but you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

In fact, it would be my honor to walk with you, offering support and encouragement along the way.

You’re here for a reason and our world needs you – your ideas, your dreams, your vision – and the work that you do.

Let’s work together to bring your purpose, vision, and gifts to a world that needs you.

Here’s how we can work together…

While I’m currently booked out as an Online Business Manager, I’m committed to helping as many women as I can build sustainable businesses that support lives that light them up.

With this in mind, I’m offering the expertise I’ve gained over my 13+ years in the online business space in two ways we can work together. Each offer allows us to work together in a way I usually only offer to my Online Business Management clients at a fraction of the cost.

1:1 Aligned Business Strategy Support

This is for you if…

  • Parts of your business are working well, but there are parts where you feel stuck, frustrated, or overwhelmed. You’d like some support in figuring out what to shift so that things can flow with ease.
  • You love the work you’re doing, but part of you knows you’re heading toward burnout. You’d love support in figuring out what to prioritize, what to delegate (and maybe how to do that), or what to pause/let go of, so that your business can grow without burnout.
  • You have a solid offering (such as 1:1 coaching) and you’re ready to create something new (such as group coaching, a new program, or even a membership) so that you can serve more people and make a bigger impact. 
  • You’re ready to have a clear, strategic plan so you know exactly WHAT you need to focus on and WHEN so that you can create a business that truly works FOR YOU.

Whether you choose a VIP day or a longer coaching/consulting package, the 1:1 Aligned Business Strategy experience is a customized offer entirely focused on your most inspired vision for your business. Together, we’ll look at what magic we can create through and beyond your business over the course of 90 days.

Aligned Momentum Mastermind

This is for you if…

  • You have a big dream you’ve been saving for “someday,” but just can’t stop thinking about.
  • Deep down, you know your work and message need to reach and transform the lives of more people (the faster, the better).
  • You know what you want to do (write a book, create a course, launch a group program, build a membership, etc.), but you’re not exactly sure how to bring your brilliant vision to life.
  • You love the idea of coming together in a community with a small group of heart-centered women as you each work to bring your most inspired dream to life.
  • You’re ready to take aligned action and build massive momentum to make your “someday” dream a reality.

The Aligned Momentum Mastermind is a carefully cultivated small group, short-term experience. Each mastermind is limited to 10 phenomenal women and runs for 90 days. 

Together, we’re focused on bringing one of your “someday” dreams to life as we explore what magic we can create within 90 days.

I’m a big believer in meeting you where you are right now and customizing my work to best fit your needs.

My work with clients begins with a complimentary 20-minute connection call where we dive into your business vision and goals.

Together, we’ll take a look at what’s working, what you’d like to change, where you want to go and what support can help you get there.  If I feel like we’re a good fit, I’ll create a customized proposal with options for how we can work together. You’ll have a chance to review the proposal and accept an offer if it feels like a fit for what you need right now.

Take the first step and book your connection call right here.

“Working with Becky has been such a gift! There came a point in my one-to-one coaching practice where I simply couldn’t fit in any more work. I was burning the candle at both ends and not able to scale. Thankfully, my coach introduced me to Becky. Since we began working together, Becky has been able to take many tasks off of my plate, helping me free up hours per week to focus on my zone of genius. I’ve been able to transition from one-on-one coaching to groups and no longer have the burden of keeping all the plates spinning! Becky is incredibly detail oriented, reliable and a complete joy to work with! She’s a rockstar with systems and always keeps her word. As someone who cares intensely about the quality of work I deliver to the world, I was nervous about trusting someone with my “baby.” It’s been such a blessing to have a team member who sincerely cares about my clients and the success of my coaching business. I’m grateful to have found her!”

– Krista St-Germain